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Geothermal Maintenance and Repair in the Atlanta Area

Do you have an existing geothermal heat pump that's not running as it usually does? Is the unit making odd noises or not running at all?

Give the team at Swann Mechanical a call or contact us online today! We are your local Atlanta area geothermal experts - our factory-trained technicians know how to diagnose and repair most ground-source heat pump issues.

Schedule Geothermal Service with Swann Mechanical

We know geothermal system inside and out. We have the experience and training to tackle any ground source heat pump repair or maintenance issue you may face. Call or click today to learn more about what we can do for you!

We're Your Local Geothermal Heating and Cooling Experts

We're Your Local Geothermal Experts

We at Swann Mechanical are focused on being an innovative leader and expert in Geothermal energy. Our vision is to become your trusted sustainable energy partner.

With our knowledgeable professionals and commitment to our field, we provide a network of the finest equipment manufacturers and material suppliers to support or clients needs. We are dedicated to providing exemplary service to exceed expectations and deliver 100% customer satisfaction and a positive experience on every occasion.

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We've all been there, you go to start up your heat pump system in the spring to cool or in the fall to heat, and your system doesn't start up or isn't running how it's supposed to. Don't let this happen to you, schedule your heat pump maintenance with our team at Swann Mechanical.

Our comprehensive and diligent system tune up check list will keep your heat pump running in top-notch shape for years to come. Routine maintenance is vital for your heat pumps continued effective operation and life-cycle. Join our maintenance plan today for peace of mind with your heat pump system here in Kennesaw or Atlanta.

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Heat Pump Repair
Heat Pump Repair
Heat Pump Repair

Common Geothermal Issues

A few times each year we send out our heating and cooling technicians to a heat pump repair or maintenance service call, and we find the issue was something very simple that an average homeowner would have no issue fixing.

Something like the batteries being out in their thermostat or remote. Check these few things the next time you're having a heat pump issue before giving us a call for professional service.

  • 1. Controls: Is your thermostat set for air conditioning? If it has a battery, has the battery been changed recently? If you have a programmable thermostat, review it's programming to ensure that your thermostat is calling for AC.
  • 2. Power: Is the breaker turned on? Is the system switch on near the indoor unit? There is often and thermal fuse above the heat pump in the mechanical space: is that properly in place?
  • 3. Dirty indoor filters: Dirty filters are a common cause of efficiency loss and can lead to component failures. If your heat pump is operating, but the coil is icing up in AC mode, or performing poorly in heating, check the filters now and replace them it they are disposable.
  • 4. Indoor airflow: Is your ductwork is secure and well sealed? Are your grills and registers throughout your conditioned space open and free of obstructions?
  • 5. Ground loop pressure: The beauty of your geothermal heat pump is that it extracts heat from the temperate conditions a few feet below the ground's surface (or vertical drill loops) via a pipe network and a pumped water solution. However, if the pressure in these loops is not maintained, performance of your system can also drop. If pressure levels are off, restore them to specified levels.
  • 6. Indoor blower motor: Does your outdoor unit operate, but the indoor blower does not come on? Perhaps you have a failed blower motor or fan switch.
  • 7. Loop pump problems: Your geothermal heat pump utilizes an efficient pump to circulate a water solution through your ground loop. Sometimes this pump can reduce efficiency or fail.
  • 8. Condensation or moisture where it does not belong: A critical part of you heat pump conditioning is summer humidity control. Water is a byproduct of AC operation. If water accumulates below the indoor unit or is not draining, it can cause intermittent failures and damage your home.
  • 9. Other component issues: Your compressor is the heart of your system. If it is drawing more power and not cooling, the unit may be on the way out. Other components can wear over time, including contractor, controls system or system capacitors which are all replaceable.

Healthy Climate UV Germicidal Lights

Destroy and control micro-organisms that travel through the air, including viruses, bacteria, yeasts, molds, and pet dander

Control and eliminate biological contaminants that cause buildup inside equipment, particularly coils and drain pans, which can compromise performance

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